About Rugmart

About Rugmart

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With 2 stores, 4 Floors and over 10,000 square feet filled with a wide and diverse range of Rugs to choose from it’s not surprising we are the largest Rug stockist in the South East of England. With 2 locations, one in the vibrant city of Guildford, Surrey¬† and our newly opened store in Richmond, London we are sure you will not be disappointed with the range we stock

Who Are Rugmart?

Rugmart is Surrey’s premier Oriental, Persian and Modern Contemporary Rug Gallery. One of the largest inventories of rugs showroom you will find anywhere. We carry several lines of exclusive Rugs that you simply will not find anywhere else in the UK.

With over 10,000 rugs in our showroom, we are considered one of the largest rug shops in the South East of England. We stock a wide range of rugs from Modern, Contemporary and Bespoke service through to Traditional and Handmade. If you have any questions please visit one of our 2 showrooms or contact us through the website.

Why don’t we sell online?

It’s said people buy with their eyes, but we know you always buy a rug with your head, your heart and especially with a touch of your hands. We believe a Rug is a very personal item, the centrepiece of any room and final finishing touch to any project and this is why it should be seen with naked eyes and felt with a touch of your hands as the actual colour appearance and texture can differ from the pictures you will see online.

A wide range of rugs in our showrooms

A Beautiful Rug can Brighten up any home especially when it’s bought from Rugmart. Specialists in all types of Oriental and Persian Rugs, Afghan & Tribal Rugs and Kilims, Traditional and Modern Rugs, Contemporary and Shaggy Rugs or Bespoke Designer Rugs and Runners and our Budget range we really have something for every taste and budget.

Browse our vast rug collection of over 10,000 Rugs and Runners and sizes from very small to over sized Rugs, even if you are not looking to buy one yet we will be more than happy to show you around one of our showrooms with over 10,000 sq ft combined of Rug Emporium. Our Customers call it a “Treasure Trove of Rugs”

Keeping our Customers in mind we have a diverse and vast collection of Rugs to choose from whether its a fine Persian Rug, Tribal Rug from the Mountains of Persia, Oriental Silk Rug, Vegetable Dye Afghan Ziegler, flat woven Afghan Organic Veg dye Kilims, Geometric Bokhara from Pakistan, Tribal Kazak or Modern Plain Wool Rugs to Funky Multi Colour Shaggy and Contemporary Designer Rugs and Budget Range all our Rugs are hand-picked and selected by Romin and Ashu (founders of Rugmart).