Add A Touch Of History With A Vintage Faded Rug

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Our homes are our castles, and what better way to put our stamp on them than by adding a touch of history with a vintage faded rug. The right rug can add depth to any space, and acts as a natural divide between the different areas of your room. A vintage faded rug makes for a great centrepiece, as well as feeling soft and comfortable underfoot. Whether you home offers dead tech styling, or a more tradition bijou feel, a vintage faded rug will work well in any type of home.

Why chose a vintage faded rug for your home?

Every rug is as individual as you are. A vintage rug gives your home a traditional feel that harks back to days gone by. Whether you are looking for a focal piece for your front room, or a soft welcome in your hallway, a rug is the perfect accessory.

Vintage rugs work well in any space, fact! Traditional, transitional, modern, minimalist – you name it, a rug will complement your interior. They work so well because they add splashes of pattern and colour, as well as a certain softness to rooms that may otherwise may feel cold and stark.

Whilst there are many contemporary rugs available at our showroom, a vintage rug will offer an attractive and unique alternative to more modern designs. Vintage rugs aren’t only for cottages and period homes though, as a clever blend of old and new will give any home a chic vintage feel.

Vintage styling also means throwing out the rule book when it comes to patterns and colours. No more matching tones and shades to within an inch of their life, vintage style allows you to let the colours speak for themselves. What could be more cosy that a soft, vibrant rug set against natural flooring, earthy tiles or as a centrepiece set against a feature wall? The juxtaposition of old and new is very much en vogue these day, and a vintage rug will add all the tradition and interest you need.

What type of vintage faded rug should I choose?

Whilst you can, of course, choose to seek out second hand rugs that have their own sense of history and the only way to really do that is by visiting our showroom and seeing our collection first hand.

Here at Rugmart we are delighted to offer a full range of De Poortere Deco Rugs, designed to reflect the most opulent vintage designs. These designer rugs incorporate an eclectic mix of rich colours, all woven into top quality fabrics without appearing garish or out of style.

The Vintage Collection offers conventional layouts with rectangular patchwork boxed in multiple colours. Faded prints offer the feel of a pre-loved piece in your own home. The Fading World Collection is designed using more straightforward Persian floral and medallion designs and highlights the classical look of The Fading World Collection and Fading World Agra Sur.

All of the De Poortere Deco Rugs Collections are designed to reflect the passing of time and are perfect for open spaces, adding a certain ambiance to rooms of all shapes and sizes.

The design team at De Poortere Deco Rugs Collections have worked hard to offer rugs and floor pieces that are the perfect accompaniment for your home, adding depth and history to every floor. From the exciting new colours of The Mad Men Collection, to the ethnic prints of the Bobohemian Collection, there is a rug to suit every taste.

As a supplier of the finest rugs, carpets and floor coverings, Louis De Poortere have been a designer and a pioneer of luxury rugs since 1859. The talented team of flemish weavers combine beauty and quality, and their new vintage collections are certainly no exception. Inspired by stunning period homes across the globe, their rugs are available to buy direct from The Rug Seller, in a variety of 9 different sizes.

A Glimpse of our Vintage Faded Rug Collection

Please click on the Collection below to view the entire range of Vintage Rugs. If you would like to view any of our faded rugs please visit our showroom in Guildford.

Each rug is available nine standard sizes and woven with the reassurance of an anti-slip backing. Ideal for a country house, living room, Bed & Breakfast, office study, bedroom or children’s play room.