Buying Rugs Online or Buy in Store – What is Best?

Buying Rugs Online or Buy in Store – What is Best?

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When it comes to your interior decor, getting the right statement piece for your home is the difference between getting the blend of colours and textures just right, or looking like an accident in a paint factory. Nowhere more so is this true, than when it comes to your floor coverings. Finding the right rug for your home is a delicate balance, and not a decision to be made lightly.

The reality is that you may have a strict amount you wish to spend, or be limited in terms of where you can purchase your rug from. But with so many retailers now offering comprehensive and affordable shopping via the internet, should you consider buying something personal like a statement rug online?

Granted, buying online can offer a far wider selection of colours and designs, but it does limit your ability to be able to “feel” the quality, so to speak. You may still prefer to see the item in person before your purchase or perhaps speak to a professional seller for advice? Either way, your statement rug can make all the different to the look and feel of your home.

Buying a Rug Online

Shopping online certainly has many advantages for the would-be rug owner. It’s easy to compare prices and get a good idea of the type of rug you can afford for the amount of money you wish to spend. You can also read genuine product reviews written by customers who have already purchased the rug you have your eye on. In some instances, you may even be able to find deals offering money off your purchase, free delivery options or multi buy deals.

Buying Rugs Online

Most online rug retailers will offer a huge amount of options to choose from. This in turn can be both a blessing and a curse. If you are not an expert in all things rug related, this could be misleading and confusing for you. If they are offering very low prices, be aware that the quality of the product will be fairly poor. Whilst online retailers are able to offer more competitive prices in many instances, if it looks to good to true, it probably is.

Also be wary of over stylised product images, most of the images are enhanced with photo shop and other image editing softwares which can make the colours look very different to the actual colours in reality. What may look large enough to cover your entire room in a photo, may only cover a fraction of it in real life. Carefully read the sizing before you even consider purchasing your new rug online.

Finally, double check the returns policy of any online seller that you consider buying from. Even if the rug turns out to be amazing quality and the perfect size, if it has a mark on it, or isn’t perfect you will want to return it.

Many low to mid range furniture and carpet retailers will offer free returns, but you will need to organise a courier or return it to a store. Some more high-end operators may not offer free returns at all and you may need to deal with them directly if the rug is not suitable upon delivery. If returning or exchanging your rug turns out to be a complete headache, then buying online will not have saved you anything at all.

Buying a Rug From a Showroom

Simple economics dictates that it can be more expensive to sell from a shopfront than it is online, as bricks and mortar stores have higher overheads to meet. But this shouldn’t be a barrier to buying in the flesh, as the service your receive and the quality of the product will make up for any small rise in RRP.

With something as individual as a rug, you will want to see it in real life before you commit to a purchase. In this instance, buying from a shop or rug gallery is the only way to go.

You can spend hours pouring over the feel and texture of every rug in the store if you wish, and talk to salesperson directly. This will enable you to find our more information about the make of the rug, the quality and even where it has come from. If you are looking for an expensive “one-off” piece these kind of questions will be important to you.

Rugs retailers will also be able to offer you a delivery service, and will be on hand to assist you directly should there be any problems with the item once delivered. Most independent retailers will still be able to offer you a good deal when it comes to purchasing your rug, and discounts may be available depending on the store.

The perfect rug finishes a room, and connects the space around you. So whether you are looking for a luxury genuine hand knotted wool or silk rug, or a smart and durable machine made synthetic rug, we have something to suit everyone. Using the highest quality materials and construction methods, we can produce stunning rugs in a range of exclusive designs and bespoke sizes.

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