Why do handmade rugs need to be professionally cleaned?

Why do handmade rugs need to be professionally cleaned?

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If you have a gorgeous hand woven rug, you know the richness and luxury it can add to your home. That said, your handmade rug requires cleaning, and you have likely contemplated doing the job yourself or hiring a traditional carpet cleaning company. While these solutions might be tempting, they are quite simply the worst thing that you can do for your handmade rug, shortening its lifespan and potentially causing irreversible damage to your investment.

It is really important that you have your rug professionally cleaned by a skilled team that has experience working with hand woven rugs and textiles. Below, we detail some of the reasons why you need to hire a professional cleaner for your handmade rug.

Here are some examples of our rug cleaning service:

A carpet cleaning company will use inappropriate chemicals

Carpets and rugs are not created equally. While carpets can be lovely and high quality, they are usually permanently installed and meant to endure years of high traffic and staining. While a hand woven rug is often an investment that will last you a lifetime (and beyond), they need individual assessment and treatment.

First of all, a carpet cleaning company will not have the experience or facilities to dust rugs. They will skip this vital step and instead move ahead to their usual routine, which includes chemicals and other solvents that are designed for synthetic materials.

They are unlikely to have the correct cleaning materials and cleansers to clean wool and silk rugs, and they do not use the neutralizing rinse that rugs need to prevent dye migration and the colours running.

In some circumstances, the cleaning process may need to take place at our Guildford store using a process known as saturation cleaning, which is common when restoring Oriental and Persian rugs.

When it comes to handmade rugs – dusting is key

Hand knotted rugs must be dusted on a regular basis, and time consuming step is often skipped by commercial carpet cleaners and homeowners alike. Depending on its size, your rug will need to be beaten for at least an hour, a strenuous and difficult chore. Over time, this layer of dirt can become compacted and trampled, creating a layer of abrasive filth that wears away on the rug’s foundation.

Spot cleaning and surface washing – fine, if you know what you’re doing

We do not recommend that you attempt to clean your rug on your own as each type of rug has its own method of cleaning.

You can spot clean or surface wash your rug to clean small stains but professional cleaning is always recommended with high-end rugs.

If you are at all concerned about your ability to do this – STOP and call us. Our skilled, experienced team can help you to keep your rug looking its best for years to come.

Cleaning Rugs

Cleaning a rug sounds like an easy task! When you purchase a high-end type of rug there will be unique challenges when it comes to cleaning. This is because rugs can be made with different dyes and mordants (dye fixers) materials, and woven in different ways.

Drying Rugs

Drying rugs is a very important part of the whole process. Too quickly, and the fibres go brittle, too slowly, and mildew may form in the foundation. Left untreated, mildew will cause the fibres to rot which is irreversible. Our team can identify the different types of rug and will be able to get your rug looking like new in no time!

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