Small Rooms? Use Rugs To Create The Illusion Of Space

Small Rooms? Use Rugs To Create The Illusion Of Space

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Rugs provide a decorative centre-piece to your room and they are great at casting illusions, chiefly, the illusion of space. If you have a small room then choosing the right rug could be the perfect way to make the room seem larger and cosier.

Just flinging some random rugs around your home won’t quite achieve the desired results. Using floor coverings to enhance the space in your room does require some thought to ensure that you end up making you rooms feel spacious.

Dark coloured rugs can draw your eye to the floor, making the room feel smaller. To help our customers, we’ve compiled some clever ways to use the ground beneath your feet to make your space seem large and inviting!

Use rugs to divide large rooms

Having two to three small rugs in a room, helps create direction and breaks up open plan interiors. Use rugs to create the illusion of multiple spaces, adding depth to even the smallest of rooms.

Use light coloured rugs

As we mentioned before, dark rugs can make a room feel smaller, so lightly coloured rugs can add a feeling of space and air, and can instantly lift a dark coloured flooring. Aim for pale colours in a flat weave fabric to create the illusion of extra space.

Stick to small prints or plain colours

Bright, vivid rugs can look amazing in large rooms and make for a really eye-catching focal piece. If space is in short supply, a feature rug can draw the walls in making it feel crowded.

By using plain tones that compliment the colours of your sofas, bedlinen or other soft furnishings you can create a feel of continuity, which in turn creates the illusion of space. If you want to use a patterned rug, then we recommend you chose a small repetitive design in discreet colours to add depth.

Add space around the rug

A rug that fits from wall to wall may seem like a comfortable and cosy option for your feet, but it won’t add any space to your room. By keeping a good size gap between the edges of the rugs and the walls, you automatically create a feeling of extra floor space.

Keep it soft, but simple

Whilst a big, soft, deep pile rug may seem like a treat for chilly toes, it can be too much for a small room. Textured rugs with metallic tints to them, can also look too fussy. To keep your room looking spacious, stick to flatter rugs made of wool, cotton or even natural fabrics like jute, sea-grass or sisal.

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