Trending Rug Ideas for Autumn 2017

Trending Rug Ideas for Autumn 2017

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Autumn 2017 is going to be an interesting season for interior floor trends. The diversity of design ideas that are trending this season means that some thought will have to go into how we are going to dress our floors as we head towards Autumn.

Aside from the usual colours and shades which transition in popularity both seasonally and annually, the design concepts this year are exceptional. Integrating the latest in these concepts combined with the practicalities of everyday living is what will make your choice of rug successful.

Unless the room that are going to lay the rug out in, is going to be a showroom, then practical considerations will have to be made.

Walls and Floors

Regardless of whether designs are still pending in other interior design plans, the floors and walls must be considered together. If these two don’t work well together everything else used in the design will become moot. In the last quarter of 2017, the walls will either be bared such as with bare brick or untreated stone, or alternatively completely covered with detail such as with World maps. Both create a sense of homeliness that can easily create a sense of warm ambience with the right rug. A thick knotted rug in warm colours will work well with either of these.

Terracotta and earthy colours work well and because brass and copper are the favourites in 2017, the earthy colours they represent will blend well with the warm colours expected to be seen this season.

Contrasting Autumn Colours

Teal rugs are a great shade to use if you want to brighten up a room – especially when the outside is already getting dark as we approach 4pm. Teal rugs works well when combined with wooden furniture and you can mix up the pairing by introducing soft greys from our Beans Plain range.

Autumn Rugs
Autumn Rugs

If teal isn’t your colour of choice, then a bold emerald green rug (as seen in our Wool Gabbeh range) or a deep red can really add a focal point to your room.

Shapes and sizes

Shaped rugs are back in this season! The versatility that shaped rugs offer can help make a room feel either busy or quiet, depending on colours and chosen shape. With a clear contrasting black and white effect pattern draws attention in a room and keeps the mind alive.

Autumn Rugs - Shapes and Sizes
Autumn Rugs - Shapes and Sizes

Smaller shaped in softer and warmer colours help create a relaxing environment. These are ideal when selecting a rug for a room where you want to relax.

Bring The Outside In with a warm Autumn Rug

Autumn 2017 will bring the Outside in. Together with the leafy prints for wallpaper that have already established themselves in this year’s interior design trends, plants will adorn homes all over. Pot plants will abound and terrariums will become the new “in thing”. This will accentuate the already popular trend of earthy themes and colours seen in this year’s rugs. However, don’t forget that in rooms where plants are prevalent, a hard wearing quality rug will be the answer to those horticultural spills. Deep green plush rugs make an excellent partner to a room where the outside has come in.

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