Handmade Rugs

Handmade Rugs

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When it comes to choosing the perfect rug, there is no substitute for a handmade Persian or Afghan rug. Our handmade rugs can take months (sometimes years) to complete as symmetrical patterns are woven with dedication to create a unique, high-quality rug of immense character.

Persian and Afghan rugs date back not hundreds, but thousands of years. The Pazyryk Carpet is believed to have come from the 5th century BC and it is the oldest known Persian rug still in existence. With such a rich history in the Persian and Afghan culture, these rugs are widely regarded in the same way one would reflect on a piece of fine art.

The process by which they are dotingly created means that every rug is unique and worthy of a loving home. With rugs being a core part of Persian and Afghan culture, it is no surprise that Iran reported an income of $420 million for its 30% share of the world’s Persian rug market, which indicates just how much people value these rugs in the modern era.

What Handmade Rugs Do We Sell?

We have small bedside and hearth rugs, hall runners, room size as well as over sized XXXL rug pieces. The rugs and runners come from all over the orient like Iran, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan and in all sorts of standard colours and unusual colours matching today’s interiors.

To see our full range of handmade rugs please visit our showroom in Guildford or give us a call on 01483 578874.