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Today there is a particular demand for very washed out colours, understated rugs are required in rooms without demanding too much attention, below is an example of such rugs which have been woven, washed and made using organic vegetable dyes for that purpose.
Our genuine handmade finely knotted Afghan Ziegler (Garous) rugs are made from 100% hand spun wool and each Ziegler rug has been individually crafted with a unique mostly open all over floral pattern with borders using soft colours. When buying your rug, you will be the proud owner of a long-lasting centrepiece for your room. Afghan Ziegler rugs have been inspired by the 19th century Sultanabad workshops and using only hand spun wool and natural dyes to produce carpets of great beauty.

Bringing beauty and class to interiors for centuries, each woven carpet is a truly unique piece of art, illustrating millennia of tradition and culture. Distinct style and character, the timeless designs will add warmth, comfort and a touch of history to your home.
Running through majority of Ziegler rugs design is what its referred to as Shah Abas flower. Shah Abas was the King Abas of 16th century, this flower was included in ceramics, wood work, silver ware, textile and of course rugs. Because of its popularity the design is found in a variety of different rugs from various other regions like Iran, India as well as Afghanistan.

Features: Floral Weave Patterns – High Density Low Pile – Soft & Subtle colours
Sizes available: Extra small bedside, small to medium hearth size, large to extra large room size, oversize for larger rooms and spaces as well as hall & landing runners