Handmade Hall Runners

Handmade Hall Runners

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Runners are mostly the first impression your visitors will get when they enter your house, this is often over looked by adding something low cost and synthetic but instead add a classy touch with one of our handmade hall runners, which are not only high quality and beautifully made they are also very practical and hardwearing. There is a reason you will find one of these when you visit old houses, cottages or centuries old listed properties, these handmade runners are truly work of art and more importantly very hard wearing and easy to clean which is why they last a life time. Woven using hand spun and washed wool which naturally repels dirt.

We have a wide range of handmade runners ranging from fine Afghan Kazak’s which are geometric in design and work very well with modern as well as classic traditional houses but also classical Persian and Indian styles which are more floral or medallion design.

Kazak Runners

Bring some colour in your hall way with one of our Afghan tribal geometric Kazak runners, these would fit with modern contemporary as well as classic traditional settings, the warmth of their colours would cheer any dull space and the quality would last for many generations, made using wool and organic vegetable dyed colours. The silky smooth texture of wool will provide warmth to your bare floor.

Ziegler & Faded Runners

If you want to add a touch of luxury and class but do not necessarily require it to over whelm your hall way or landing then a choice of these Afghan faded and muted coloured runners would be an ideal choice, made using pure hand spun wool and dyed with organic natural colours they are very much understated runners but at the same time practical and hardwearing.

Bokhara Runners

Classical Bokhara design runners which are simple geometric designs and soft to touch.

Natural Chobi Kilim Runners

Afghan flat woven kilim runners are made using wool and organic natural colour dyes, these runners are reversible, low pile and very practical, warm and subtle shades

Rustic Afghan Kilims

Afghan flat woven rustic kilims are ideal to hide the marks and stains, made using wool and dark colours are used to provide a warm and rustic look, these can be easily cleaned or taken outside for a quick shake,

We stock a wide selection of Hand Knotted Afghan, Persian, Oriental & Indian Runners in a variety of colours, designs and sizes. In our showroom there is a varied range of hall runners to suit your needs.

Features: Hall Runners – Hard wearing – Long lasting – Wide range of designs & sizes
Sizes Available: small to medium 70x240cm – large 80x300cm – xxl 80x400cm – oversize and extra long runners up to 700cm long (All sizes are approx.)