Handmade Pure Silk Rugs

Handmade Pure Silk Rugs

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Silk rugs are among the world’s finest rug and considered as work of art, very intricate and detailed patterns with lustrous appearance. Silk allows the skilled weavers to make some of the most beautiful and extremely complex design in the highest quality for which they are know for. A wide range of unique and beautiful silk rugs are available in store, most of these rugs are made using cotton foundation thread with the pure silk being used as pile of the carpet which comes to the composition of 80% silk and 20% cotton.

These Silk rugs are skill fully designed by our craftsmen using pure silk threads which are individually knotted on foundation thread to give velvet pile. Silk rugs are acclaimed for easy maintenance, attractive look, perfect finish, elegant designs and excellent sheen.

Features: High quality – Hand knotted – Unique Intricate detailed Persian Designs
Sizes Available: 60x90cm , 70x130cm, 80x150cm, 120x180cm, 140x200cm, 160x230cm, 180x270cm