Modern Handmade & Bespoke

Modern Handmade & Bespoke

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Modern Handmade & Bespoke range

A large collection of hand knotted high quality vintage, classic and modern design rugs with the capability of making bespoke orders according to your needs, colours and sizes. we have recently launched a bespoke service for our clients requiring high end exclusive hand knotted rugs suiting their requirements and being able to put your own mark on it and personalising it in which ever way and design you like. We live in a diverse world where modern is no more just a geometric or checked design but making the old look new and fresh and where the abstract designs are mixed with classic elements to create a diverse look. Below is a selection of some of our designs on offer but you can also choose to use a design of your own choice. We would highly recommend you to visit our showroom for a larger selection suiting your taste and space

The following designs are readily available in a wide range of stocked sizes and colours in store or from our weavers in India but at the same time they can be customised in suitable sizes and colours.

P.S: only available at our Guildford Showroom

Far East Collection

Far East brings together the glory of old designs and colours with a nod to the modern design movement of Erasure. Hand knotted using pure wool & silk. An elegant piece of art work created with ace quality hand spun New Zealand wool &  silk. Its classy, lavish, finely detailed hand knotted rug of exceptional quality. It’s like an artist’s canvas painted with bold colours. It’s exquisitely made to create a modern and antique look.

Agra Collection

This collection re-imagines the patterns of a traditional Agra designed rug looked through the dusty glasses of a travel weary passenger. Hand knotted using the luxurious fine wool & lustrous bamboo silk these are subtle floral pattern rugs which can be customised in any shape and colour.

Error Collection

Error is reproduced from a bad paint job resultant of rollers not working. This version of abstract design uses 2 colours with a soft background colour in fine wool and a bold colour using lustrous bamboo silk or same shade of a single colour and achieving the contrast though both separate fibres wool and shiny lustrous bamboo silk.

Hand knotted Designs

This is an exceptional collection of modern hand carved rugs. Sophisticatedly created western abstract designs with enchanting hues of bright shades & the distinguished mystique appeal makes it a class apart. The brilliantly hand knotted raw hand spun New Zealand wool & hand spun silk creates a high-end urbane looking rug that enthrals & increases the glamour quotient of your abode. Though these rugs can add charm to any corner of your home but these blend more with the aesthetics of a living room.

Below is a selection of some of our recently launched hand knotted bespoke designs which can be ordered as they are in the required size or customised and re produced using your choice of colours, some of the designs are hand carved where by the pattern stands out and gives a 3D affect. We have used hand spun wool and real silk to achieve a glamorous look and soft feel