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Persian Rugs

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Each carpet weaving region of Persia has its own characteristic style and design: some of the most famous being Kashan, Isfahan, Bidjar, Ardebil, Sarouk, Qom, Hamadan, Nain, Meshed, Kashgai, Shiraz and so on. Rug weaving is an essential part of Persian art & culture which dates back to ancient time and undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations. Persian carpets have been admired for their originality and their artistic styles for centuries. The art of weaving was passed from generation to generation, within families. Each colour has a symbolic meaning, for example green is sacred to the faith, red signifies sorrow and yellow indicates power and glory.
Iran is one of the world’s largest producers and exporter of handmade rugs. We stock a wide range of Persian rugs and these can be seen by visiting our rug showroom

The Iranian city of Nain has long been one of the centres for production of famous Persian Oriental Rugs. These rugs are regarded as some of the finest quality rugs made suing fine wool and silk is often used in outlines to give a more luxurious look and to enhance the decoration, sometimes with central medallion or otherwise with shah abs floral design all over and contrasting border. These designs are generally taken from the beautiful blue and white tiled mosques.

Persian Bidjar – Of all the rugs which are woven in Iran, Bidjar’s are the hardest wearing of them all, the knots are tightly packed together which makes it particularly indestructible and very suitable for somewhere where it is going to be very heavy traffic. The name Bidjar denotes the meaning of durability to many rug specialists. High quality wool in red, blue, green with beige colours is generally used. The most common pattern is Herati also referred to as fish or Mahi, they have a sober elegance and fit in most environments.

Persian Tribal Rugs – such as Kashgai, Hamadan, Shiraz and various others are woven by Nomads in the mountain regions of Iran, typically in these tribal designs you will find geometric elements and symbols of various livestock like dogs, peacocks, crows and also symbols referring to vegetation such as trees, shrubs and flowers. Weaving rugs have always been part of their daily life, they have no fixed designs drawn on paper and it is known that they are some of the most interesting and artistic people in terms of variety of designs which they get inspired by their surroundings. Most of these rugs are woven using wool which they sheer themselves and often dye the wool locally which results in various irregular shades of one colour that is clearly shown on the pile of the rug and further adds to the character of the carpet. These tribal rugs are very durable, practical and good value for money and suitable to be used in a number of areas such as sitting, dining, bedroom & hall ways.
Features: High quality – Hand knotted – Unique Persian Designs
Sizes Available: Various Sizes Available