The Gallery Collection

Become a collector! with the new Gallery Collection, art comes to your home with colourful and resolutely modern works.
Whether you hang them on the wall like a painting or place them on the floor as designer rugs, this unique creation will give your interior a touch of exclusivity and modernity.

If Raoul Dufy or Henri Matisse had met with Keith Haring for a session of Urban Art! this could well have sprouted from their collective imagination

9143 Dorado

A tribute to the most famous of Pablo’s: This expressive composition looks at your from every corner and watches over your dining room or over your shoulder, when you are reading. A rug or a tapestry? It’s your choice

There is a superb choice of sizes available too, ensuring there is a size right for every room in the house.

Available sizes: Tapestry Size: 100x140cm | 170x240cm | 200x280cm
Prices from £186


9144 Street Graph

Rhythm in black and lyrical colours shape a unique modern creation on your wall or your floor!

Available sizes: Tapestry Size: 100x140cm | 140x200cm | 170x240cm | 200x280cm | 230x330cm | 280x360cm
Prices from £186