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With 2 stores, 4 Floors and over 7,000 square feet filled with Rugs – it’s not surprising we’re the largest Rug Store in the South East.

There are several Louis De Poortere rug collections for you to choose from, each with distinctive and original patterns. All of these rugs can be seen in our Guildford Rug Showroom. 

So why not come in and see us and one of our experienced team can help you.

The Fading World

The Fading World rug collection utilises a more straightforward, plain design that really highlights the faded attributes, giving any room an airy and vibrant ambiance. The central pattern or medallion of this rug is an ancient classic.

Weaving-in distressed areas and the erasing of pattern sections in this design allows you to incorporate a piece of history in your home. While the addition of vibrant colour accents make the rugs both contemporary and stylish.

Available sizes: 60x90cm | 80x150cm | 140x200cm | 170x240cm | 200x280cm | 230x330cm | 280x360cm | 230x230cm

Atlantic Streaks

Abstract and smudgy design rugs inspired by the sandy shores of New Jersey and Long Island are whipped by the winter gales, designing ripples and streaks in the sand as if they were abstract paintings. Over a century of skill and craftsmanship is woven into every rug produced.

Woven on jacquard looms with cotton chenille yarns, each beautiful rug has multiple layers of texture, distressed areas and intricate stitching detail to give a true ‘Vintage’ look.

Available sizes: 60x90cm | 80x150cm | 140x200cm | 170x240cm | 200x280cm | 230x330cm | 280x360cm

Sari Collection

Available in 5 different colours which each one being unique, starting with “More Sandalwood” which has 80 different colours.

This Rug is most beautiful and the favourite of all but then we have “Myriad” the pleasant colourful rug which will soothe any room. The “Blue Yellow Mix” and “Infinite Greens” are the stylish Sari designs that will give a lot of character to any interior.

Sizes Available: 140x200cm | 170x240cm | 200x280cm | 230x330cm | 290x390cm

This is an amazing shop! The owner really knows his rugs and was able to find just the one for us. He has a huge range of rugs, many types, sizes colours and prices.
Elizabeth Holloway
We came back here having already purchased a rug for our living room. Had a good experience and great advice from Romin and chose another lovely rug for our dining room.
Chris Punnett
Excellent. Great selection, and very helpful and patient sales staff..... pleased with the purchase, good quality vs previous online purchases (which were all returned). Thumbs up!
Martin Thain

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Our Guildford showroom is open 7 days a week and our staff are happy to answer your questions and help you shortlist the perfect rug.

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Store Opening Times: Monday - Saturday: 10am - 5:30pm and Sunday: 11am – 5pm.

Mad Men Griff

Madison Avenue runs between Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Since the Twenties, it has been the centre of the American advertising industry. The Mad-ison Men were the golden boys of the Sixties, who “dreamed up” the images of the iconic brands of the USA.

Louis De Poortere created this stunning collection of Vintage Sixties rugs. A mix of straight and broken lines, of dull and shining yarns, of smooth and ragged pencil strokes.

Available sizes: 60x90cm | 80x150cm | 140x200cm | 170x240cm | 200x280cm | 230x330cm | 280x360cm

Antiquarian – Antique Hadschlu

A classic Afghan Tribal & Geometric design is this legendary 782-Hadschlu which is re-edited in its flatweave, distressed version.

Sometimes called “The Notary Rug”, our Hadschlu has the particularity that it blends into a classic notary study, as elegantly as in a slee, minimalist yuppie interior. It adds a classy touch to any room.

Available Sizes: 140x200cm | 170x240cm | 200x280cm | 230x330cm | 290x390cm

Cameo Vintage Rugs

Cameo rugs are the latest collection from Louis de Poortere, following on from their world famous, Vintage Patchwork Rug Collection. The Cameo is an exquisite and staggering range of embroidered artwork floor rugs in delicate and pleasant pastel colours.

The soft wool and chenille are joined together to make a somewhat raised pile, giving complex shading and a vintage impact. Woven on a loom the edges of every rug are collapsed over on themselves and stitched flawlessly to make a clean finish.

Sizes Available: 60x90cm | 80x150cm | 140x200cm | 170x240cm | 200x280cm | 230x330cm | 280x360cm | 230x230cm

Book an appointment with our Rug specialists

Store Opening Times: Monday - Saturday: 10am - 5:30pm and Sunday: 11am – 5pm.
Rug Mart has a vast collection of products and the staff are so helpful. They go above and beyond and they are extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend this shop if considering a rug/runner.
Ben Barrett
I purchased a large rug and two fabric covered stools from this store. After years of searching for a coffee table, the large covered stool was the perfect solution and all our visitors comment favourably about it.
Melanie Bacon
The claims of the largest rug selection in this area are true. An incredible selection of traditional and modern rugs. The staff, we were served by Romin, were attentive and helpful but not at all pushy.
Maggy Tebbs