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Rug Anti Slip Underlay – Rug to Carpet Gripper – Rug Runner Anti Creep Underlay

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Specialist underlay to use on any floor be it Carpet, Tiles, Wood, Laminate, Stone, Luxury Vinyl, and more to add extra softness & cushioning. Very effective and convenient underlay Anti Slip mat solution for preventing rugs from slipping and moving on all floor types.

Premium Rug Anti Slip underlay 250g/m2 high quality, This underlay will not only stop your rugs from slipping or moving but also give a cushioned feel reducing sound transfer.

Underlay Fitting:

When placing a rug or mat on smooth or carpeted flooring, you can place any side facing down the floor and simply place the rug on the other side, both sides are same

Following Highlights and Benefits:

  • Heavy Weight – Cushioned Feel
  • Helps reduce sound transfer – approx. 3mm Thick
  • For domestic and commercial use
  • Instant application – free of plasticisers
  • Simply cut to size and place under a rug or mat
  • Anti-Slip Protection – on all types of carpets and hard floors,
  • Stops Rugs slipping & moving
  • Provides Cushion underfoot
  • Protects your floor and allows air to circulate under your rug
  • Makes rugs last longer
  • Easy cut to fit (if slightly bigger than the rug)
  • Makes vacuuming easier
  • Washable up to 30°
  • Easy to fit on the floor – Leaves no residue
  • Suitable to use with underfloor heating
  • Reusable – move rugs

The Rug Anti Slip Underlay can be easily cut with scissors or a utility knife.

Please note the following underlay sizes will come in 2 pieces as the width of the rolls varies, this does not affect the performance of the underlay in any way, you will simply put the cut pieces together to make it to the required size. We usually stock rolls in 60cm, 70cm, 110cm, and 150cm & limited stock of 180cm.

  • 170x240cm – you may get 2 pieces (110x240cm + 60x240cm)
  • 180x280cm – you may get 2 pieces (110x280cm + 70x280cm or if we have we will just add 1 piece of 180x280cm)
  • 220x320cm – you may get 2 pieces (110x320cm + 110x320cm)
  • 300x390cm – you will get 2 pieces (150x390cm + 150x390cm)
  • For other sizes, you can simply add a variety of suitable sizes and make it to the required size or ask us to cut a particular length and width for you prior to purchase

Floor Preparation:
Prior to installing the underlay, the floor should be vacuumed, clean, and dry. Do not install the underlay on a wet floor. In order to obtain a long-lasting non-skid performance, avoid frequent removal and re-installation of the underlay from its designated installation area.

Underfloor Heating:
This rug underlay is suitable for use in rooms with underfloor heating up to a temperature of 32°C.

Oversized Rugs:
If several pieces of underlay are necessary for one rug, simply apply as many pieces as needed, side-by-side. Taping or splicing is NOT necessary.

Rug Anti Slip Underlay will not give a permanent bond to the floor. It is a re-positionable underlay: harmless to your floors and rugs.

Please note:
We do not advise using this underlay with plastic, rubber, or felt-backed rugs or mats.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need underlay for my rug or mat?

• Underlay should be considered as an investment that will help maintain your rug or mats appearance for the duration of its lifetime.

• Reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls from rugs or mats.

• Stop your rug or mat from moving and creeping.

• Stop your rug or mat from curling at the corners and pushing up against furniture.

• Stop abrasion on timber or delicate floor surfaces.

• Provide extra cushioning & helps with echoing in rooms

Which side faces up on the hard floor?

Both sides are the same and any side can be put facing the floor

Will Rug Anti Slip Underlay leave a residue?

The Rug Anti Slip Underlay will not leave a residue on your floor.

Is Rug Anti Slip Underlay  washable?

The underlay is washable up to 30°

Do multiple pads need to be taped together?

If several pieces of Rug Anti Slip Underlay are necessary for one rug, simply apply as many pieces as needed, side-by-side. Taping or splicing is not necessary.

Made in: Germany For us “Made in Germany” means constant testing of the high standards and innovative development of rug underlays.

Sizes: If you can not see a required size in the list please get in touch with us and we can supply any size underlay requested.

Free Delivery to Mainland UK destinations for other locations such as Northern Ireland, Highlands, and Jersey please contact us, usually, there is a small surcharge 

Delivery time: 2-3 working days

Premium Luxury

60cm X 100cm (2'X3'3"), 70cm X 140cm (2'2"X4'6"), 110cm X 160cm (3'6"X5'3"), 110xm X 170cm (3'6"X5'6"), 110cm X 190cm (3'6"X6'3"), 150cm X 220cm (5'X7'3"), 170cm X 240cm (5'6"X8'), 180cm 280cm (6'9'3"), 220cm X 320cm (7'3" X 10'7"), 300cm X 390cm (9'11X12'10"), 60cm X 220cm (2'X7'3"), 60cm X 300cm (2'X10'), 60cm X 400cm (2'X13'1"), 60cm X 500cm (2'X16'4"), 70cm X 230cm (2'2"X7'6"), 70cm X 300cm (2'2"X10'), 70cm X 400cm (2'2"X13'1"), 70cm X 500 cm (2'2"X16'4"), 70cm X 600cm (2'2"X19'7")


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