Natural Rugs

All natural fibre rugs are flat-woven rugs — meaning, they have no pile and are often reversible. They’re crafted from plant-based fibres which are tightly woven to create a mat or rug. Consisting fibres like cotton, jute, bamboo, sisal, sea grass and coir. Traditionally used in countries with warm climate for their lightness and coolness you get from cotton and other likewise materials but they work in nearly every room, depending on which you choose, and many can hold a variety of dyes for extra colour.

Why Choose Rugmart?

Rugmart is a family owned rug shop based in Surrey. Their expert team can help advise on the most suitable rug for your needs.

We are the largest rug showroom in Surrey, with over 10,000 rugs to view and touch. If we don't have what you're looking for, we can order in your specified rug.

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