Natural Bespoke Made to Measure Rugs Showroom

Natural Bespoke Made to Measure Rugs

With the help of 5 natural materials, dozens of different weaves and over three hundred colour ways our made to measure natural rugs are made using finest fibres nature can sustainably grow, you can be assured that each and every one will be of paralleled quality. So you have some tricky decisions to make!

It’s said people buy with their eyes, but we know you also buy with your head and heart – This is why we have teamed up with Crucial Trading to bring you the finest natural fibres with thousands of pattern and colour combinations so you can experiment with hundreds of borders, material, weave and pattern combinations to produce something as unique as it is beautiful.

Square Custom Rug

Choose from 5 Natural Fibres and make your rug unique

Customise your rug in 3 easy steps

STEP 1 – Choose your floor covering
The first stage in creating your unique rug is to select a floor covering. Each and every material, weave, design and colour that you’ll find within our swatch sample is open to you.

STEP 2 – Choose your main border
Just as every beautiful painting needs the right frame, the floor covering you’ve chosen needs the right border to show it off to its full. Luckily you are spoilt here too, with over 130 designs, weaves and colour options including cotton, leather, suede and linen.

STEP 3 – Choose your inner border (Optional)
Just the final touch needed now. Will you make it a double border, offering all the choice of Step 2, or simply finish your rug off with just one border and no piping, which is available in a selection of colours?

Wool – Make a statement. make a space serene. Make a floor reach up and hug you
Wool’s natural warmth, along with the huge number of weaves and designs we offer, allows you to make any room special

Wool Swatches

Sisal – With a happy combination of durability and a unique receptiveness to dyeing, it would be rude not to offer you a huge range of Sisal weaves and colour pattern

Sisal Swatches

Seagrass – Seagrass is a survivor. It’s been discovered in fossils dating back over 100 million years. The variety we offer grows on some of the poorest soils the world has to offer – with copious amounts of ocean salt thrown in for good measure. It will bake under the searing, far eastern sun for months before reaching maturity. Not just surviving but thriving. Little wonder then that our seagrass floor coverings are as tough as any pair of old boots that might walk on them

Seagrass Swatches

Coir – Rough, ready and literally bristling with character, our weaves are available in just two earthy tones – bleached and unbleached

Coir Swatches

Jute – We took advantage of jute’s willingness to be woven tighter than many other natural fibres to create a range offering a neat, formal regularity that brings calm and order to any space

Jute Swatches

Why Choose Rugmart?

Rugmart is a family owned rug shop based in Surrey. Their expert team can help advise on the most suitable rug for your needs.

We are the largest rug showroom in Surrey, with over 10,000 rugs to view and touch. If we don't have what you're looking for, we can order in your specified rug.

    We aim to respond to website enquiries within 72-hours, you can use or simply call us on 01483 578874.

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