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Bokhara Runners

The Bokhara design is probably the most popular, the design represents the imprint of the elephant’s footprint. It was originally produced by the Persian Turkmen tribe but also by those in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The design is so popular that it is also woven in almost 6 different colours.

Runners in our Bokhara Mori collection have very soft wool piles and generally feature geometric patterns in their designs. Mori runners are made by skilled weavers with high-quality wool. Our Bokhara Mori range of handmade rugs are available in various sizes from very small mats of 60 x 90cm to extra long hallway runners

Features: Geometric Weave Patterns – Very Soft Feel – 6 different colours.

Colours Available: Beige | Red | Green | Pink | Blue | Grey

Runner sizes Available: 60cm x 90cm – (2’×3′) | 60cm x 180cm – (2’×6’4 | 80cm x 240cm – (2’7″x8′) | 80cm x 300cm – (2’7″x10’) | 80cm x 400cm – (2’7″x13′3″) | All sizes are approx.

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