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Wool Rugs

Find the wool rug of your dreams at Rugmart. A selection of modern and traditional. Rich colours and beautiful designs. Wool is not just a natural product, it is a very beautiful one, and the sheer comfort of a woollen rug is something that cannot be replaced. Wool rugs may cost a little more than synthetic but the advantages are many.
Easy to maintain – A rug with a wool pile has a natural protective layer provided by the natural oils in the sheep fleece which prevents dirt from sticking to the fibre and makes it easily removable
All year-round comfort is provided by a wool rug which insulates cold floors in winter and increases the feeling of warmth. In Summer, it absorbs excess moisture from the air lowering the humidity in your home.
Wool is sustainable 100% biodegradable fibre and fully renewable making a wool rug a more eco-friendly option
Naturally flame-retardant – Owning to the natural properties of the fibre, wool rugs are flame retardant. In case of a fire, wool does not transmit the flame and does not melt.
Naturally hypoallergenic – The surface of the wool fleece traps dust and other impurities which keeps them from spreading in the air, this makes wool naturally hypoallergenic and a great solution for people with asthma or allergies

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Moroccan Berber

Hand-knotted Moroccan Berber rugs are made using pure wool, using the original Persian knots method these unique one-off rugs are naturally warm and soft under foot and are made to last.

The peace and quiet of your home is particularly precious. Wool rugs are excellent at absorbing sound and prevent it from travelling tp the other rooms

Simple geometric designs which are inspired by the Moroccan tribal rugs can fit with any decor whether it’s a modern contemporary look you are after or a simplistic approach.


Natural Moroccan Berber

Handwoven Moroccan Berber design rugs made using natural undyed wool, luxuriously super thick, a chunky pile which feels warm and cosy underfoot.

You have the option of customising these rugs in any size but also choosing from a range of other dyed colours for which we have over 1900 colours to choose from.

Positive air ions are created by electrical equipment inside our homes, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that these have a negative impact on our health. As a natural material wool creates negative ions which helps to neutralise the air.

Sizes Available: 90cm x 150cm – (3’x5′) | 120cm x 180cm – (4’x6′) | 140cm x 200cm – (4’6″x6’6″) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3×7’7) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’6×9’6) | Custom Size available


Hand-knotted Nepal Rugs

Experience the soft touch of hand knotted wool rugs made using natural wool, it is the ideal complement for every living room. These rugs are particularly high in density and heavy in quality. With its heavy weight and superior quality it brings a feel-good effect.

The combination of fine elements in an architecturally clear design and the natural fibre in contrast gives this pretty wool rug a noble look. It is quite inconspicuous at first glance that it perfectly completes every living facility with its touch of glamor. The interesting design has been developed with refinement and is no other.

Sizes Available: 80cm x 150cm – (2’7″x4’11”) | 120cm x 170cm – (4’x5’6″) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’7″x9’6″)

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Monix Abstract

Soft colours and elegant abstract designs – Woven using high-quality 100% New Zealand Wool which is soft to the touch, and warm to feel but easy to care for and hard-wearing.

Monix is woven in the EU where quality comes first, with a pile height of 10mm and wilton construction these elegant and subtle coloured Abstract rugs can fit in any decor without dominating your room.

Using quality yarns and expert manufacturing you can be sure that a wool rug will stand the test of time, an investment for years

Sizes Available: 120cm x 170cm – (4’x5’6”)  | 133cm x 180cm – (4’5×5’11”) | 160cm x 240cm – (5’3×7’10) | 200cm x 300cm – (6’7×9’10) | 240cm x 340cm – (7’10×11’2) | 300cm x 400cm – (9’10×13’1) |

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Multi Striped

Handmade using multi colours to create unique striped rugs – if you want to add some colour without a bold pattern these rugs are an ideal choice, also available as a hall runner.

Sizes Available: 120cm x 170cm – (4’x5’6″) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 66cm x 200cm Runner – (2’2×6’7)

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Modern Gabbeh Rugs

Inspired by original Gabbeh rugs, these hand-woven wool with detailed design are of a tribal character with modern contempirary twist. The natural fibre of these soft woollen rugs underscores the imaginative patterns and gives each room an incomparably warm feeling of living.

Contemporarily stylish with a natural colour scheme, these woollen rugs sets a charming accent in every living space.

The harmonious composition of warm colours and appealing design tempt you to linger. The dense, soft pile heats the entire room – thanks to the heat-insulating properties of the wool, even with cold tiles and in cool corners. Broken lines in the pattern create a dynamic effect that projects the momentum and joy of life. Enjoy this beautiful piece of art and let yourself indulge in a more welcoming, cozy, and warmer environment.

Sizes Available: 80cm x 150cm – (2’7×5′) | 120cm x 170cm – (4’x5’6″) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’7″x9’6″)

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Tribal Berber Wool

100% Wool | Moroccan Berber Design | North African Inspired | Hand-made | Super Thick

Available:  120cm x 180cm – (4’x6′) | 150cm x 240cm – (5’x8′) | 180cm x 270cm – (6’x9′)

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Morf Rugs

Super-stylish rugs that are perfect for and room. It adds character and depth without dominating. Hand-made with sophistication providing 3D sculptured affect and expertly hand carved  to provide a geometric pattern.

Sizes Available: 120cm x 170cm – (4’x5’6″) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’7″x9’6″)

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Erbom Rugs

Skillfully handmade using 90% Wool in stunning tonal palettes, these high quality rugs can become a real talking point in the room

Sizes Available: 120cm x 170cm – (4’x5’6″) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’7″x9’6″)

Runner: 70cm x 240cm – (2’4×7’10)

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