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Traditional Rugs

Traditional Rugs come in many distinctive designs and styles. Rug weavers relied on nature’s bounty to create their rugs, from the wool to the natural dyes. Their designs were created from memory, passed down from generation to generation and often reflected their daily life and surroundings. These designs have been going on for centuries and their patterns do not change, weavers pass these skills down to their next generation and so it continues to be woven in the same motifs and designs.

A collection of individual, one-of-a-kind, Classic rugs that showcase floral motifs or tribal pattern, which are available in wool or synthetic. Traditional rugs make an ideal centrepiece for your living room or bedroom. Below you will find a small collection to showcase on the site but 1000’s more in store to choose from come in and see for yourself!

Traditional Rugs Collection

Palace Traditional Rugs

A collection of classic and traditional design rugs made using 100% New Zealand Wool, the stock changes every 6 months and we get new colours and sizes on a regular basis. The patterns are made to imitate the Afghan & Persian handmade rugs and their quality to match this. The soft New Zealand wool will provide a warm and comforting feel under your feet and the wilton construction to last for years to come

100% New Zealand Wool | Natural Fibre | Finest Wool Collection | Traditional Designs | High Density  | Luxuriously Soft & Durable.

Available Sizes: 80cm x 150cm – (2’7″x4’11”) | 120cm x 170cm – (4’x5’6″) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’7″x9’6″) | 240cm x 330cm – (7’10″x10’10”) | Hall runner 80cm x 240cm – (2’7″x7’10″) | Hall Runner 80cm x 300cm - (2'7"x9'10")

Tribal Afghan & Persian Rugs

These environmentally friendly 100% wool rugs are made in the EU using rustic and warm colours and taking examples from handmade and antique Persian, Afghan and Indian tribal design rugs. Classic warm colour bank that can blend with traditional wooden furniture but also with modern decor. Ideal for heavy use areas such as sitting room, hallway or kitchen but also for perfectly suitable to be used in commercial areas such as offices, showrooms, schools or other public places.

100% Wool | Hard Wearing | Handmade Like Designs | Naturally Warm Under-foot | 8mm thick

Available Sizes: 80cm x 160cm - (2'7x5'3) | 135cm x 200cm - (4'5x6'7) | 160cm x 240cm - (5'3x7'10) | 200cm x 300cm - (6'7x9'10) | 240cm x 340cm - (7'10x11'2) | 300cm x 400cm - (9'10x13'1) | 300cm x 420cm - (9'10x13'8) |
Hall Runner 67cm x 275cm - (2'2x9') |

Prices from £249

Traditional OWK Rug

Wilton Woven | Dense Luxurious Pile | Soft | Timeless Traditional Designs | Classic Colours | Hard-wearing | Easy Care

Available Sizes: 80cm x 140cm - (2'7x4'6") | 120cm x 170cm - (4'x5'6") | 160cm x 235cm - (5'3"x7'8") | 200cm x 285cm - (6'7"x9'4") | 240cm x 340cm - (7'10"x11'3") | Hall Runner 68cm x 235cm - (2'3"x7'8")

Traditional Garoush Rug

Classic & Traditional rug designs with silky highlights, the subtle colours are easy to blend with existing decor and other soft furnishings. These traditional design rugs are made using synthetic wool like fibre with high density which is easy to care and durable. Stylish patterns taken from original handmade oriental rugs but made using wilton machines. Hi Quality rugs which are not going to break the bank and suitable to be used all around the house, commercial or other public areas.

Silky Highlights | Hard-wearing | Easy Care | Non-shedding | Water Repellent | Stain Resistant | Subtle Muted Colours

Available Sizes: 80cm x 160cm - (2'7x5'3") | 135cm x 200cm – (4’5″x6’7″) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’7″x9’6″) | 240cm x 330cm – (7’10″x10’10”)  | 280cm x 390cm – (9’2×12’10″)

Runner Sizes: 67cm x 240cm - 2'2x7'10") | 67cm x 330cm – (2’2″x10’10”)

Round Sizes: 135cm - (4'5") | 160cm - (5'3") | 200cm - (6'7")

Also available in Circular Rugs and Hall Runners

Vinci Vintage Collection

A modern contemporary approach to classic and traditional rugs has been used in creating these high quality soft textured rugs. Vintage is the new modern and the Vinci Vintage collection is a fine example of this. These rugs are made using modern contemporary colours to blend well with modern as well as classic interior. Manufactured to the highest standards in EU using renewable energy and high quality synthetic fibres which is hard wearing, easy to look after and durable

Hard-wearing | Easy Care | Non-shedding | Water Repellent | Stain Resistant | Subtle Colours

Available Sizes: 80cm x 150cm - (2'7x5') | 133cm x 195cm – (4’4″x6’4″)| 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’7″x9’6″) | 240cm x 330cm – (7’10″x10’10”)  | 300cm x 390cm – (9’9×12’8″) |

Runner Sizes: 67cm x 230cm - 2'2x7'7") | 67cm x 330cm – (2’2″x10’10”)

Round Sizes: 160cm - (5'3") | 200cm - (6'7")

Prices from £119

Kashmir Silk Rugs

100% Viscose Silk | Ultra-soft Silky Feel | Handmade Like Persian Designs | Unique |

Available Sizes: 120cm x 170cm - (4'x5'6) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’7″x9’6″)

Prices from £199

Aquarella Rugs

Wilton Woven | Dense Luxurious Pile | Soft | Timeless Traditional Designs | Classic Colours | Hard-wearing | Easy Clean

Available Sizes: 60cm x 110cm - (2'x3'9) | 80cm x 150cm - (2'7x5') | 120cm x 170cm - (4'x5'6) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’7″x9’6″) | 240cm x 330cm – (7’10″x10’10”)

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