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Medium Vintage Rugs

Collection of medium Vintage faded rugs – These genuine vintage hand-made Persian rugs are named after the city of Iran in which they are made, Iran or Persia can be argued as the center of carpet production in the World of Rugs. These rugs can only be distinguished by their excellent weave and craftsmanship, which makes them incredibly durable and long-lasting. Persian handmade rugs cannot always be distinguished by any particular pattern or coloration, or color palette, however, several types of designs are continuously found on these rugs: all-over Herati fish motifs that resemble florets, center medallions, and designs that depict forests, animals, and even people. Due to their masterful craft, Persian rugs are considered prestigious and are highly sought after by rug enthusiasts all over the world.

Sizes Available: between 100cm to 160cm Width X 160cm to 250cm Length

All handmade rug sizes are approximate