Rug Binding

Rug Binding is a simple and effective way of edging a carpet, commonly used for the off cuts that are left over after your new carpets have been fitted. Creating matching mats and hall runners will help to protect your fitted carpets for many years. Our rug specialists can cut various shapes and sizes including oblongs, circles, half moons etc.

Carpet binding is a trade in the flooring industry that allows us to turn carpet left-overs into rugs. The rug binding is useful for protecting your carpet from wear in high traffic areas of your home. Using our rug binding service means you can add not only function but style to match your internal decor.

Rug binding of a carpet can be done by our rug experts so it is almost impossible for the converted rugs to fray, which is a common problem. You provide the carpet, we bind the edges to give you a great rug perfect for any living space.

Turn Used Carpet Into Unique Stylish Rugs

We can bind doormats, runners, oval/circular/half moon rugs, stair runners and large area rugs. This versatile style of binding can cater for different uses including: mats for car foot wells, mats for camper vans and small rugs and runners for motor homes and boats.

Different Types of Rug Binding

  • Tape Binding – This contemporary style of binding allows for the rug to have a statement border around the edge of your used carpet.
  • Twisted Rope Binding – Adds a luxury finishing touch to the edge of your carpet.  It comes in a variety of colours and a choice of three designs – plain, two-tone and tri-coloured.
  • Traditional Binding – 

Carpet binding is an over-locked wool edge that is applied to form a neat border around your carpet to give it a neat lasting finish. Our carpet binding service produces high quality bespoke rugs from carpet leftovers with quick turnaround.

Why Choose Rugmart?

Rugmart is a family owned rug shop based in Surrey. Their expert team can help advise on the most suitable rug for your needs.

We are the largest rug showroom in Surrey, with over 10,000 rugs to view and touch. If we don't have what you're looking for, we can order in your specified rug.

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