Cow Hide

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Cow Hides

Full Bovine Cowhides originating from South America with their spectacular unique markings provide ideal superb natural coverings for stone and/or wooden floors.

Each one of our Brazilian cowhides are unique and ideal for use as rugs, throws and or wall hangings. A creative statement piece that adds richness and sumptuous texture to your decor. Creating instant impact with distinctive and rustic elements giving a sense of tactile warmth,

We also stock Cow Hide Cushions and Puffs! 

Our hyper fashionable calfskin cushions and Puffs add natural style to any sofa. Perfect on leather and plain sofas or mix and match with patterns
Prices from £169

Cow hide Colours include:

Custom Cowhide Rugs

Create a magical statement of style made from individual pieces of Cowhide hand sewn together into striking patterns. Made from the finest European Cow hides, which offer a thicker leather, means that we need no backing material.

Combining the natural beauty and durability of cowhide with an individual and modern style, these rugs are truly unique and add elements of warmth to your interior decoration

Each rug is hand made to order in the size and wide range of colours to choose from