Sheep Skin

Sheep Skin

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A classic and yet very of the moment, cosy up with these beautiful wooly sheepskin rugs. Using the softest and most vibrant selection sheepskins ensures that our rugs will add comfort and warmth to any room.

We currently stock singles, doubles and quads but if you would like a six or eight sheep skin rug, we are able to order this for you.

Sheepskin rugs are available in various sizes and colours bringing style to a home. Our sheepskins are of premium quality being carefully processed to preserve their natural beauty. Each sheepskin is then carefully sewn together to create the various sizes in different configurations, bringing outdoor natural beauty to a home. As with all our hides, sheepskin rugs are a sustainable and Eco-Friendly product.

Available in a Variety of Colours and Sizes, Visit in store to make a selection
from £49

SINGLE Sheepskin approx 60x90cm

Double Sheepskin approx 60x180cm

Quad Sheepskin approx 120x180cm

Sexto Sheepskin approx 180x180cm (on Order)

Octo Sheepskin approx 180x240cm (On Order)