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Bespoke Rugs

By definition, bespoke products are designed to be tailor-made to the client’s desires. We therefore offer our bespoke rugs not only in wool but also also in a mixture of both wool and silk. Our bespoke range is the ideal choice for a sophisticated, lavish finish to any room which can serve as a truly eye-catching addition to your home.

We offer the following 3 different qualities and construction types of Bespoke Rugs – Hand tufted, Hand loomed and Hand knotted. It depends on the design, quality and budget as the type of weaving determines the appearance of the finished rug, as well as the price due to the time and labour that is involved in making a custom rug. Just to put it in perspective a medium hand knotted rug can take 5-6 months to make, the same size in hand loomed 2-3 months and only 1-2 months for a hand tufted quality.

Hand knotted

Hand knotted is the highest quality but also the most labour intensive weaving quality which can only be performed by professional weavers who follow the given map by the designers to tie individual knots to make up the rug design one row at a time, the density and quality of hand knotted rugs is measured by the knots per square inch, the higher the knot counts the longer it takes to make and higher quality the rug becomes.

Bespoke Rugs - Img 0225
Hand Knotted Weaving – Artisan Working On The Loom
Bespoke Rugs - Img 0224
Hand Knotted Weaving – Design Is Copied From The Graph By The Weavers

Hand loomed

Hand loomed is considered for more plainer or linear style rugs, this type of weave can not be used for more intricate or busy patterns but rather styles like stripes, borders or plain rugs. A hand operated loom is used by the weavers to create these custom rugs, the loom holds the vertical threads which are also referred to as warp, this allows the craftsman to interweave horizontally to create the rug.

Bespoke Rugs - Img 0212 1
Hand Loom Weaving – Weavers Working On Vertical Threads
Bespoke Rugs - Img 0210
Hand Loom Weaving – Weavers Interweaving Horizontally

Hand tufted

Hand tufted is the most cost affective but a versatile option for creating Bespoke rugs. Individual tufts of yarn are punched using a special tufting gun into a fabric pre made canvass, this hand operated tool hooks and pulls the yarn through the backing to form a pile. This is a less labour and time consuming process than the above hand knotted and hand loomed processes and rugs can be made a lot quicker and cost less.

Bespoke Rugs - Hand Tufted Weaving
Hand Tufted – Artist Working On The Rug Design Using Hand Operated Tuft Gun
Bespoke Rugs - Img 0237
Hand Tufted – Design Is Being Hand Carved Using Special Scissors For 3D Affect

Important: Bespoke rug option is currently only available at our Guildford Showroom

Bespoke Rug Making Process

Bespoke Rugs - Img 0219
Step One: Design
Bespoke Rugs - Img 0192 1
Step Two: Raw Material Selection
Bespoke Rugs - Img 0194 1
Step Three: Hand Carding And Spinning
Bespoke Rugs - Img 0201
Step Four: Dying Of Yarns
Bespoke Rugs - Img 0207
Step Five: Drying The Yarns
Bespoke Rugs - Img 0196
Step Six: Spooling Yarn For Weaving
Bespoke Rugs - Img 0225
Step Seven: Weaving
Bespoke Rugs - Img 0244
Step Eight: Hand Washing Of The Rug
Bespoke Rugs - Img 0232
Step Nine: Hand Binding The Edges
Bespoke Rugs - Img 0234
Last Step: Final Finishing Touches And Checks

Luxury Wool Bespoke Rugs

With a massive choice of over 1900 colours to choose from there is a colour for every one,
Choose from a completely plain rug to one of our 30 designs and if that’s not enough you can have your design….
Any design can be created from plain, borders, stripes to a more detailed intricate or abstract design – we can handle from design to completion and to your floor

Bespoke Rugs - Colour Poms Match Close Up
Bespoke Rugs 139

Luxury Silky Bespoke Rugs

Luxury is a broad term, but there are some materials which personify its qualities perfectly. Silk, for example, is synonymous with premium clothing and products.  Our new bespoke range of luxury silky rugs have the aesthetic qualities and softness of natural silk, but are made from a silk like material ‘Tencel’. Our bespoke luxury carpets are an affordable luxury with added durability. Truly magnificent under your feet.

The rug colour changes with pile direction and light intensity giving it a lustrous silky look. This fine collection can be made to measure as an area rug or runner.

With a wide choice of over 640 colours to choose from, there is a colour for every one, whether you like a rug for your sitting room, under a dining table as a hall runner or the size to cover your entire bedroom in this luxurious silky rugs, we can make that perfect rug for you….

Our most popular is plain or single border in this quality since the silky texture of these rugs itself provides an interesting affect, however any design can be created of your choice if required including a choice of 30 designs of our own.

If you are trying to match a particular colour with your soft furnishing then we recommend bringing a swatch or actual fabric to find the perfect match

Bespoke Rugs - Plain Silk Bespoke Rug
Bespoke Rugs 140

Moroccan Berber – Bespoke Twist Wool

Our Berber weave is ideal for those who like something thick and snuggly to tuck their feet into, your toes will love to feel the warm and cosy texture of the wool with this super thick berber pile. This type of weave is particularly famous with our Moroccan design rugs but can also be implemented in plain, borders or any other design. The colours are dyed while the fibre is twisted so it gives it a unique natural speckled affect so there is a variety of different shades of one colour from light to medium to dark. If you are trying to bring in a particular colour shade but not necessarily a single block colour this will provide that affect of different shades of one colour – A unique and complete collection of Hard twist wool in 640 shades which is split in 8 groups having maximum range of colours

Recent Custom Rug Project

Handwoven Wool & Silk

A custom handwoven wool & silk rug in Denim Blue wool and silver grey silk loops – this rug was commissioned to match our clients new curtains which were in silver grey with denim blue pattern, the colours were carefully selected from a range of 1900 colours that we provide to complement the curtains but to also provide a slight contrast with the denim blue being the dominant colour as the curtains were in a silver grey background.

Hand Tufted Wool Circular Rug

A custom hand tufted wool rug – this was commissioned to go under a circular table over looking our clients lush green garden, various green shades were selected so that the rug overlooking the garden can complement and blend with the plants and harmonise with the room.

Hand Woven Wool & Silk Rug

A custom handwoven wool and silk rug – the rug was made using a mix of cream wool and cream silk and the size to go under the front legs of 2 leather chairs and sitting under the front legs of the large sofa on the other side.

The blend of wool and silk provides a subtle sheen to a plain rug so that it is plain but at the same time with an interesting shine coming through the cream, The dark wooden floor, brown leather chairs and black fire place was all making the room a bit too dark so a light coloured rug provided the brightness this room needed.

Handmade Abstract Modern Circular

A complete new design was created for this custom circular rug, choosing from our wide range of over 1900 colours to match the existing chair covers and to implement the same design from the cover that is unique and personal to our client. Once the colour selection was made we moved on to creating and getting the graph approval from the client before weaving could start, the final circular rug brought the entire room together and gave it a personal touch,

Hand-Knotted Bespoke Rugs

We provide an exclusive service for high end and finely woven on of a kind masterpieces. These Rugs are hand knotted using wool & silk, the same method as the Afghans and Persians artisans have been using for centuries to create traditional and classic rugs but with the convenience of using your bespoke design, your colours and perfect size.

If you are not sure or do not have a design in mind then get inspired by one of our modern, abstract or antique designs and customise by visiting us to view the collection and for further details.

Shaggy Custom Rugs

Choice of 8 colours to select from to customise an ultra soft Shaggy rug from our bespoke range. Handmade, super soft micro fibre polyester, soft touch with high density and cotton backed. Also available in 6 rectangular sizes but if that is not enough then you have the option to commission the required size.

Sizes Available: 60cm x 110cm | 80cm x 150cm | 120cm x 170cm | 140cm x 200cm | 160cm x 230cm | 200cm x 290cm

Custom Sizes: 100cm x 100cm | 400cm x 1500cm

Bespoke Shaggy Rugs

High Pile super soft handmade shaggy pile rug with high density and cotton backing. Also available in 6 rectangular sizes but if thats not enough then you have the option to commission the required size.

Sizes Available: 60cm x 110cm | 80cm x 150cm | 120cm x 170cm | 140cm x 200cm | 160cm x 230cm | 200cm x 290cm

Custom Sizes: 100cm x 100cm | 400cm x 1500cm

Natural Machine Made Bespoke Made to Measure Rugs

With the help of 5 natural materials, dozens of different weaves and over three hundred colour ways our made to measure natural rugs are made using finest fibres nature can sustainably grow, you can be assured that each and every one will be of paralleled quality. So you have some tricky decisions to make!

It’s said people buy with their eyes, but we know you also buy with your head and heart – This is why we have teamed up with Crucial Trading to bring you the finest natural fibres with thousands of pattern and colour combinations so you can experiment with hundreds of borders, material, weave and pattern combinations to produce something as unique as it is beautiful.

Bespoke Rugs - Sisal Room Shot Copy
Bespoke Sisal Rug With Leather Border

3 Steps To Your Custom Rug Design

STEP 1 – Choose your floor covering
The first stage in creating your unique rug is to select a floor covering. Wool, Sisal, Jute, Seagrass or Coir. Each and every material, weave, design and colour that you’ll find within our swatch sample is open to you.

STEP 2 – Choose your main border
Just as every beautiful painting needs the right frame, the floor covering you’ve chosen needs the right border to show it off to its full. Luckily you are spoilt here too, with over 130 designs, weaves and colour options including cotton, leather, suede and linen.

STEP 3 – Choose your inner border (Optional)
Just the final touch needed now. Will you make it a double border, offering all the choice of Step 2, or simply finish your rug off with just one border and no piping, which is available in a selection of colours?

Step 1 – Five Natural Fibres To Make Your Rug Unique


Make a statement. make a space serene. Make a floor reach up and hug you thanks to the wool’s natural warmth, along with the huge number of weaves, colours and designs we offer, which will allows you to make any room special. We have over 100 colours and weaves to select from.

Bespoke Rugs - Wool Room Shot


With a happy combination of durability and a unique receptiveness to dyeing, it would be rude not to offer you a huge range of Sisal weaves and colour pattern

Bespoke Rugs - Sisal Room Shot


Seagrass is a survivor. It’s been discovered in fossils dating back over 100 million years. The variety we offer grows on some of the poorest soils the world has to offer – with copious amounts of ocean salt thrown in for good measure. It will bake under the searing, far eastern sun for months before reaching maturity. Not just surviving but thriving. Little wonder then that our seagrass floor coverings are as tough as any pair of old boots that might walk on them

Bespoke Rugs - Seagrass


Rough, ready and literally bristling with character, our weaves are available in just two earthy tones – bleached and unbleached

Bespoke Rugs - Coir Room Shot


We took advantage of jute’s willingness to be woven tighter than many other natural fibres to create a range offering a neat, formal regularity that brings calm and order to any space

Bespoke Rugs - Jute Room Shot

Step 2 – Choose your main border from Cotton Herringbone, Cotton Chenille or Leather & Sued

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