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Handmade & Oriental Rug Cleaning

A clean-looking rug adds to the interior of any room. It can help complement the vibe and warm feeling you may want your home to express. Cleaning an Oriental rug using traditional hand wash methods is an art that has been passed down through generations

Cleaning an old rug can simply mean you are either restoring the colours or want to have the stains removed or for any other hygiene reasons, whatever the reason we can help you achieve this with our professional rug cleaning service. 

Dusting & Testing

Dusting & Testing

Before washing, it’s essential to remove all the loose dust and dirt from the rug. This is typically done by placing the rug on a clean surface and using specialized tools or methods to shake or beat the rug gently. We might also use compressed air or a special vacuum setting to ensure that all particles are removed from deep within the rug’s fibers.

Testing for Color Fastness: Since some Oriental rugs use natural dyes that can be sensitive, a small area of the rug is tested with a damp white cloth to ensure that the colors don’t bleed. If there’s any color transfer, we may decide to adjust the cleaning process or use specialized solutions and in some cases even not wash the rug if we think the dyes will run no matter what we use


The rug is submerged in a shallow bath of cold water mixed with a gentle rug shampoo or other suitable solutions. Special attention is given to the type of water used, as hard water can affect the rug’s fibers and colors. Using soft brushes, the rug is gently scrubbed following the direction of the rug’s pile. This is done meticulously, ensuring every inch of the rug is cleaned without causing any harm to its fibers or disturbing its delicate patterns.


Rinsing & Water Extraction

Once the washing is completed, the rug is thoroughly rinsed with running cold water to remove all soap residues. It’s crucial to ensure that all soap is removed as any leftover residue can attract dirt in the future. The excess water from the rug is then removed by either using specialized tools, a wringer, or by pressing the rug between absorbent sheets. Removing as much water as possible aids in the drying process and prevents any mold or mildew growth.

Drying & Grooming

The rug is laid flat on a clean, elevated surface, ensuring proper air circulation from both the top and bottom. It’s important not to hang the wet rug as the weight can distort its shape. Direct sunlight is typically avoided as it can fade the rug’s colors. Once the rug is dry, it’s gently brushed using specialized brushes to restore its natural pile direction and softness. The rug is then closely inspected for any remaining stains, spots, or issues. If needed, certain areas might be treated again.


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