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Plain Rugs

If you are looking for something that is simple in design and will only compliment your already existing style, then you will love our collection of plain rugs in a variety of fibres and textures from wool to hard wearing polypropylene, natural sisal or shaggy rugs. We have something for every taste and place. Visit us in Guildford for your perfect rug in any size.

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Tocsa Shiny Border

Plain with a shiny border, the super silky and shiny border affect adds a touch of luxury and interest without interfering with the colour itself. Indulge your toes into this super thick and luxuriously soft rug made with wool and silky viscose.

Sizes Available: 80cm x 150cm – (2’7×5′) | 120cm x 170cm – (4’x5’6″) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’7″x9’6″) | Custom Options

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Yelnil Naturals

Blending natural un-dyed wools with soft and luxurious silky fibre creates subtle variations of light and shade. Expertly handwoven in India providing a pile height of 10mm with a good density

Sizes Available: 120cm x 180cm – (4’x6’) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 300cm – (6’7″x9’10″)

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Nara Plains

Luxurious Deep Piled Rugs, Handmade using Wool and soft silky Viscose fibres to provide the softness. If you are looking for pastel or natural tones with a twist of some shine then this is your perfect find. Classy and understated.

Sizes Available: 120cm x 180cm – (4’x6′) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 300cm – (6’7×9’10)

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Prestige Plain

100% Wool, Plain Handmade Wool rugs. Soft tones of natural colors and without any details or pattern.

If you are looking for warmth with the nature of wool and luxurious thick pile that is an understated cushioning for your floor then this is your find.

Sizes Available: 60cm x 110cm – (2’x3’7) | 80cm x 150cm – (2’7×5′) | 120cm x 170cm – (4’x5’6″) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’7″x9’6″)

Runner : 70cm x 240cm – (2’4×7’10) | Custom sizes & colors also available

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Beans Plain Rugs

You’ll go Bananas for this delightful collection of earthy plains. collection of plain rugs with a quality looped pile made from Wool & Viscose. The contemporary textured look will add style and comfort to any room in the home

Sizes Available: 120cm x 170cm – (4’x5’6) | 150cm x 230cm – (5’x7’7) | 180cm x 270cm – (6’x9′)

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Elbon Natural

Made of undyed natural British wool, which reduces water and energy consumption in the production process

Three-dimensional patterns, of our contemporary collection with varying pile heights, are combined to bring a stunning natural textural quality to the designs

Sizes Available: 80cm x 160cm – (2’7″ x 5’3″) | 120cm x 180cm – (4’x6’) | 133cm x 190cm – (4’5″ x 6’3″) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 300cm – (6’7″x9’10″) | 300cm x 400cm – (9’10” x 13’1″) – 400cm x 500cm – (13’1″x16’5″)

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Valencia Rugs

Plain mottled rugs easy care and hard wearing, Sizes from small to XL Large

Sizes Available:  60cm x 110cm – (2’x3’7) | 80cm x 150cm – (2’7×5′) | 120cm x 170cm – (4’x5’6″) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3″x7’7″) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’7″x9’6″)

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Wool Flatwoven

Flat-weave Wool rugs are woven on a machine loom with a mix of New Zealand and British Wool. Natural colours and a flat pile make this rug easy to blend with any existing furniture. An easy to clean and low maintenance rug without compromising on the quality or look

Sizes Available: | 80cm x 150cm – (2’7×5′) | 140cm x 200cm – (4’6×6’6) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’3×7’6) | 200cm x 290cm – (6’7×9’6) – 240cm x 330cm – (7’10×10’10)

Runner: 80cm x 240cm – (2’7×7’10)

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Budget Flat Weave Rugs

Inspired by the traditional sisal rug, the flatweave

collection is durable, lasting and great value for money.

With an anti-slip gel back it is a practical and stylish rug throughout the home.

Available Sizes: 60cm x 110cm – (2’x3’7) | 80cm x 150cm – (2’7×5′) | 120cm x 160cm – (4’x5’3″) | 160cm x 225cm – (5’3″x7’5″)

Runner Sizes: 60cm x 180cm – (2’x6′) | 60cm x 230cm – (2×7’7″)

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