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Natural Rugs

We stock a range of natural hides such as Cow Hide, Reindeer & Sheep skins in various sizes and colors. We also stock a wide range of rugs made from plant-based fibres such as Sisal, Jute & Cotton

Natural Rugs Collections

All natural fibre rugs are flat-woven rugs — meaning, they have no pile and are often reversible.

Sisal Rugs

Braided Jute Rugs

Braided Jute Rugs

Cotton Rugs

Sheep Skin

Cow Hides

Reindeer Rugs

Rugs are the center piece of any room and you wouldn’t want to get it wrong.

For some people the word rug has a somewhat fusty connotation, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We are a leading supplier of modern rugs which can be seamlessly integrated into contemporary homes to complement existing interiors.

We stock a wide range of styles and materials to fit well in any home. Our cow hides are beautifully crafted and work wonderfully with beige and cream decor, whilst our sheepskin rugs act as a brilliant white centerpiece to the room – and feel wonderful on your feet in the morning!

In our showroom we stock a range of bespoke and contemporary rugs that are heavily stylistic, such as our multi-coloured vertically striped wool rugs which come in an array of colours. Often, these work well with plainly painted walls in a neutral colour, which helps the rug stand out.

Our Modern Rug Collections come in a range of different styles, designs and sizes making it easier for you to find something perfectly suited to your home! Below is a just a small example of different types of Modern rugs available but you will find 1000’s more when you visit Rugmart!