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Reindeer Hide

Reindeer Hides have become extremely popular over the last few years. Their unique characteristics and soft dense fur makes them a stunning addition to your home. Each skin is unique with luxuriously super soft fur and original markings. Reindeer Hides are generally regarded as being used for ornamental purposes, inside or outside the house.

Our hides can be used as wall, floor or furniture decorations. People use hide rugs for a range of different uses – you can use them to cover chairs, as well as line the inside of log cabins, on walls, floors and seats.

Eco-Friendly-Reindeer herders originate from the Sami people, nomadic tribes travelling the fells of Sweden and Norway and spreading to Finland in rhythm with the seasons. The reindeer provide meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools. Reindeer is still as important today to the Sami people’s culture and very existence making reindeer hide an eco-friendly and sustainable product.

Reindeer hides are harvested, then salted in the Sami villages with EU Certified abattoir and tanned in the finest modern tannery of its kind, with years of experience.

Available in natural undyed colours Only

Size Approximately: Width 75cm x 90cm Length: 110cm x 150cm

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