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Handmade Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are among the world’s finest and are considered works of art, with very intricate and detailed patterns with a lustrous appearance. Silk allows skilled weavers to make some of the most beautiful and extremely complex designs in the highest quality for which they are known for. Our team enjoys an accurate and deep understanding of the genuine and unique art of handmade silk rugs. As a result, we offer you some of the best handmade silk rugs. You are invited to an intertwined world filled with colour, philosophy, and emotions. You can see and touch the ultimate art. This spiritual art grants peace and smoothness to your floor.

A wide range of unique and beautiful silk rugs are available in store, most of these rugs are made using cotton foundation thread with pure silk being used as a pile of carpet which comes to the composition of 80% silk and 20% cotton.

Features: High quality | Hand-knotted | Unique Intricate detailed Persian Designs

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High quality | Hand-knotted | Unique Persian Designs

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