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Moroccan Berber

Moroccan Berber Bespoke rugs are ideal for those who like something thick and snuggly to tuck their feet into, your toes will love to feel the warm and cosy texture of the natural wool with this super thick Berber pile. This type of weave is particularly famous with our Moroccan designs but can also be implemented in plain, borders or any other design. You have a choice of natural un-dyed wool (subject to availability or the wool is dyed while the fibre is twisted so it gives it a unique natural speckled effect, there is a variety of different shades of one colour from light to medium to dark. If you are trying to bring in a particular colour shade but not necessarily a single block colour this will provide that effect of different shades of one colour – A unique and complete collection of Hard twist wool in 640 shades which are split into 8 groups having a maximum range of colours

Moroccan Berber Rugs can be made in Hand-tufted, Hand woven or Hand-knotted quality.