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Fine Kazak

Chobi Kazak rugs are exclusive, it has derived their name from an area largely settled by Turkoman tribes from Afghanistan. These rugs are often distinguished by their exquisite use of natural (vegetable and mineral) dyes and they consist of different geometric elements. The Wool comes from Himalayan sheep and is hand-spun and hand-knotted with great care and marvellous craftsmanship. They are woven by skilled weavers in Afghanistan, are highly decorative, and represent a very good value.

Features: Geometric Weave Patterns – High-Density Low Pile – Vegetable Dyed soft colours
Sizes Available: 300cm x 400cm – (10×13’3″) | 260cm x 360cm – (9’x12′)  | 240cm  x 300cm – (8’x10′) | 240cm x 330cm – (8’x11′) | 200cm x 300cm – (6’7″x10′) | 170cm x 240cm – (5’6″x8′) | 140cm x 200cm – (4’6″x6’7″) | 120cm x 180cm – (4’x6′) | 90cm x 150cm – (3’x5′) | 60cm x 90cm – (2’x3′) | Hall Runners |  (All sizes are approx.)