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Transitional Rugs

Design: The design of transitional rugs draws inspiration from the classical Oushak rugs, which have their roots in the Anatolian region of Turkey. However, they incorporate modern elements and motifs, making them more suitable for contemporary or eclectic interior settings. The patterns often feature oversized central medallions, floral motifs, vine scrolls, and intricate borders.

Color Palette: These rugs typically boast a softer, more subdued color palette compared to their traditional counterparts. Earthy tones such as beige, ivory, soft blues, muted greens, and pastel shades are commonly used, giving the rugs a serene and calming ambiance.

Materials: Transitional rugs are handwoven using high-quality natural materials, with wool being the most common primary fiber. The use of natural dyes is also prevalent, adding to the rugs’ eco-friendliness and enhancing their appeal.

Texture: The pile of transitional rugs is relatively low to medium, making them both durable and easy to maintain. The smooth texture underfoot provides a comfortable feel, while the dense weaving ensures their longevity.

Versatility: One of the defining features of transitional rugs is their versatility. Their design aesthetics seamlessly complement both traditional and modern interior spaces, bridging the gap between past and present, and adding a touch of elegance to any room.

Handmade Craftsmanship: Each transitional rug is a labor of love, taking several months or even years to complete, depending on its size and complexity. The weavers pay exceptional attention to detail, resulting in an immaculate and highly prized finished product.

Artistic Appeal: With their timeless beauty and artistic allure, transitional handmade rugs are not merely floor coverings but also pieces of art that can be displayed as wall hangings or cherished heirlooms.

In conclusion, transitional handmade rugs are a perfect blend of traditional heritage and contemporary aesthetics, making them sought-after decorative elements for those who appreciate the fusion of old-world charm and modern sophistication.

Sizes Available: 240cm x 300cm in store: other sizes available on order are: 300cm x 400cm – (10×13’3″) | 260cm x 360cm – (9’x12′)  |  240cm x 330cm – (8’x11′) | 200cm x 300cm – (6’7″x10′) | 160cm x 230cm – (5’6″x8′) | 140cm x 200cm – (4’6″x6’7″) | 120cm x 180cm – (4’x6′) | 90cm x 150cm – (3’x5′) | Custom option also available (All sizes are approx.)