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Chess Craft Collection

The Chess rug is a deconstructed interpretation of the iconic checkerboard pattern. With a bold graphic aesthetic, this rug strikes the perfect balance between the disorder of the pattern and the harmony of the colors. The checkerboard is unstructured, creating an intriguing aesthetic that draws the eye. What’s more, subtle material effects are integrated into the checkerboard, adding a tactile dimension and a sense of depth to the whole. The brightly colored contours are pure and defined, giving visual clarity to the pattern while adding a striking energy to the design

Sizes Available: 80cm x 150cm – (2’7″x4’11”) | 140cm x 200cm – (4’7″x6’7″) | 170cm x 240cm – (5’7″x7’10”) | 200cm x 280cm – (6’7″x9’2″) | 240cm x 340cm – (7’11″x11’2”) | 280cm x 390cm – (9’2″x12’8”)

Prices from £179