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Vintage Collection

The Vintage Collection veers towards a timeless conventional layout, rectangular boxes in multiple colours and faded prints capitalising on the super used aesthetic. The “patchwork” rugs are inspired by an eclectic mix of designs from the East, combined with original European archives of the 18th century. This beautiful combination of design gives a rich flavour of the historic past. The modern and rustic colours allow these rugs to be teamed with every possible interior style.

The rugs are available in 24 colours, intense or vivid & pastel , their timeless appeal suits every type of decorative style, whether modern or classical – there is a rug to suit your look.

Sizes Available: 80cm x 150cm – (2’7″x4’11”) | 140cm x 200cm – (4’7″x6’7″) | 170cm x 240cm – (5’7″x7’10”) | 200cm x 280cm – (6’7″x9’2″) | 230cm x 330cm – (7’6″x10’10”) | 280cm x 360cm – (9’2″x11’10”)

Prices from £159