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How did the kimono come to express the refinement of a culture and the quintessence of femininity?

This garment is one of a kind: an extreme simplicity of the pattern resulting in the absence of wastage of fabric, and a straight, starched shape, completely concealing the body and erasing its materiality.

The art is then expressed in the weaving, the sophistication of the decor and the patterns. Its beauty gives rise to a feeling of absoluteness and well-being. Such is the Kimono design.

Available sizes: 140cm x 200cm (4’7″x6’7″) | 170cm x 240cm (5’7″x7’10”) | 200cm x 280cm (6’7″x9’2″) | 240cm x 340cm (7’11″x11’3″)

Prices from £399