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Extra Large Vintage Rugs

Collection of XL large Vintage faded Rugs -Specially sourced and carefully selected for their unique features, we were drawn to these rugs for their raw beauty, age, and enduring aesthetic that only gets better with time. Skillfully produced by master weavers using time-honored techniques and generations of knowledge, our vintage rugs were made with lasting quality and versatile appeal. The range of styles, patterns, motifs, and hues vary by region and span across a wealth of cultural influence, making each vintage rug as unique as the individual maker that crafted it long ago. With a versatile range of well-known designs, color palettes, and scales, these vintage rugs are highly sought after by rug enthusiasts all over the world. Each hand-selected rug is extremely hard-wearing due to the strength of the natural wool from which it was made, boasting a quality that will outlast generations of use. Come and visit our showroom to view these rare masterpieces for yourself

Sizes Available: between 220cm to 260cm Width X 320cm to 360cm Length

All handmade rug sizes are approximate