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Large Vintage Rugs

Collection of large Vintage faded rugs – Several small cities and villages are known as some of the major rug-producing areas in Persia. Kerman, Bidjar, Tabriz, Kashan, Sabzevar, Najafabad,  Sirjan, Zanjan, and several others are types of rugs that are named after the cities or villages they are made in and are amongst the finest high-quality rugs using the best of Persian weaving traditions. Fine weaves, refined detailing, elegant designs, and beautiful color palettes are the most recognized traits in these rugs. Persian rugs are also known for having a very high knot count, making a very fine wool pile across the rug, which is a quality designers and rug enthusiasts seek in adding softness and quality to their interiors.

Sizes Available: between 170cm to 210cm Width X 260cm to 310cm Length

All handmade rug sizes are approximate