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Colour Theory with Rugs- What Colour Rug Should You Buy?  

Adding a perfect rug to your room can easily pull the space together, and it can polish off the overall design. But how to choose a perfect colour rug for your living space? Well, don’t worry at all as here we have a perfect guide for you. Understanding your room’s purpose, along with how you will be using the space, can assist you in creating a perfect theme for the design. In different ways, a well-designed rug can be a base that will tie it all together. As per the experts, understanding the colour theory will assist you in learning the ways that colour can evoke your emotion and using the knowledge to choose the best colour area rug. 

Colour of The Rug- An Important Element to Consider 

Colour is considered one of the crucial elements of life and connects humans with all things. People use colours to differentiate between action, objects, and more. For example, red means stop and green means go. On the other hand, the colours also trigger emotions that you generally associate with different places and are the bookmark you hold for memories. 

When it comes to interior designing, colour is not just used for visual references but also to create an emotional bond with your space or room. Having a basic understanding of the colour theory will greatly help you to narrow your focus on a colour option while buying a rug for your space.  

Understanding the Colour Wheel

To understand different colours and how they relate to one another, it is important to know how colours are created along with the colour wheel. Well, speaking about the colour wheel, it is a visual representation of the colours that you generally see across the world. All the colours are listed down into three major categories; these are Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. 

Talking about the primary colours are the three primary colours that will create any other colour, of different varieties, that one can imagine. The primary colours are Yellow, Blue and Red. You can use these coloured rugs as the base focus. 

Now coming to the secondary colour, these colours are created by combining two primary colours. Well, these can vary based on the composition as well as the combination of the primary colours that you have combined. These colours are purple rugs, green rugs and orange rugs.  

While buying rugs, you can also go for rugs with tertiary colour options. Such coloured rugs are generally created by combining a primary and secondary colour. With this, you can see a wide variety of hues and colours. Pink rugs, gold rugs and burgundy rugs are some of the best examples of these colours. 

Use the Colour Wheel as Your Guide to Buy A Perfect Colour Rug

One of the easiest ways to choose a perfect rug colour that matches the space is to match the colour of the existing colour scheme. All you need to pull out with a trusty colour wheel to know which colour options will work great. 

Complementary colours will provide you with a high-contrast as well as visually exciting look. For instance, if your room has a blue accent, then using an orange-coloured rug will take the room’s beauty to a whole new level. 

You can also go for analogue colours. These colours will offer you the same contrast but will let you have a pulled-together look. For instance, applying a green-coloured rug into a place with blue accents. 

If you want to attain a cohesive look and a low-contrast look, you can try out the monochromatic scheme of the colour but in different tones. For instance, using a baby blue rug for a room with a darker blue accent. 

Sometimes You Should Go for Neutrals

The best thing about such rugs is that, well, they are neutral. That means such rugs will work perfectly in different spaces. While buying a neutral rug for your space, you will have to consider the tones of the walls as well as flooring to find a shade that will greatly complement the space. For example, if you are looking for a rug for dark flooring, you can use a darker-toned neutral rug.  If you really want to make your rug stand out, then ensure that your rug contrasts with the flooring colour. 

Evoke Your Emotion with Colours

The colour wheel can also be divided into two types; these are warm and cool colours. Cool colours include greens, purples and blues. You can make your space feel more relaxed by using such rugs. These colours are related to nature. These colours work perfectly in areas intended for rest or relaxation, like a bedroom or living room space. Speaking about warm colours, these are oranges, reds and yellows. Such colours are associated with the sun, heat and fire of your life. Rugs of these colours can be used in spaces that trigger activity or transmit a sense of energy.

Don’t Forget to Check the Pattern Design Along with The Colours 

When you purchase hand-made rugs with a better knot count, you are making an investment in rare and exclusive designs that will not be possible to find on cheaper rugs. If you check closely, you can see that the embroidery will be unique and generally inspired by the culture, environment and tales of mythology. The colours used and the rarity of the rug design are some of the crucial factors that make hand-knotted rugs very expensive. If you are getting hand-made rugs, you are not just buying a rug but a unique piece of art. 

Well, you may find your rugs shedding initially if they are brand new. However, such rugs will shed less with time. The shedding will slow with time as your hand-knotted rug will grow older. 

As the trend to have something antique, long-lasting, and vintage is diminishing with time, investing in good quality hand-knotted rugs can be a perfect way for the current generation. It can be said that these rugs will never go out of style, and you can use them for both outdoor and indoor use. All you need to do is choose a perfect one by going through the guide mentioned here, and you can make your living space more beautiful, appealing and comfortable. However, always prefer to buy hand-knotted rugs if you are looking for something unique.