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How long does a rug last: A guide on Rug Durability?

You have to admit that there is no better facet than a stylish rug when it is about improving the appearance of your home interior. The rugs are a significant decorating element that captivates all the guest’s attention when they enter your house. It enhances especially more when you use a hand-woven rug in your house. However, when it comes to purchasing a rug, there is one query that every user questions themselves.

The question is quite obvious and the reason why you are here. Most users ask how long the rugs will last before buying one. While buying rugs at online stores and offline stores, you will find different opinions about their longevity. The community will offer you varying answers. However, to make things easier for you, professionals in this guide will present a few factors that affect the lasting of your rugs. So, read the complete guide to make a better buying decision.

The general factors that affect the lasting of the rugs

The lasting of your rugs depends on some general factors that include:

  • The sort of rug you are purchasing
  • The area you are going to place the rug
  • What foot traffic will it witness?
  • What amount of sunlight exposure will it get
  • The dirt and spills
  • The fabric

Now that you have learned some general factors that affect the lifespan of rugs. Let’s read about a few specific attributes that decide the longevity of your rug. Walking along all these aspects can help you fix your purchasing decision and aid you achieve better rugs.

What factors affect the lifespan of your rugs?


One of the imperative questions that should come into your life while buying a rug is what foot traffic will the rugs witness. It is because; foot traffic plays a significant role in deciding the lifespan of the rug that you are buying. How many people walk on the rugs will heavily decide the amount of time. 

For example, when you place a rug in a used space with lesser foot traffic, you will find the rug lasting for years. It is because; the rug will hardly have anyone walking on the fabric. But the same rug placed in your hall will get easily deteriorated quicker. In a busy hall, you will find the rug lasting less time, which is natural. But you can win the same; if you are buying a robust fabric for your hall, or busy area, you can expect a better life span.

On the other hand, the foot traffic on the rugs in busy places affects it in two ways. First, it impacts physical when people walk on them. The continuous physical impact compresses the fabric, eventually making it frayed and old.

Secondly, when people walk on them, they bring a plethora of mud and dirt. It is especially found in rugs in the hallway. The dirt then starts damaging the fabric over time.


The next factor affecting the rugs’ lifespan is the underlay. So, apart from the place where you put it on, what you lay it on also matters. The professionals will always advise you to employ anti-slippery underlay for your rugs. This is because it will leverage the lifespan of your rugs. 

What role does an underlay play? It reduces the rubbing of the rugs on the floor by increasing friction. Slippery tile floors can rub the fabric to deteriorate it. So, in such cases, putting an underlay will protect your rug. So, the quality of the underlay also matters when it comes to the rug’s lifespan.

Rug material

There is no doubt in saying that the rug material or the fabric used has a larger impact on the rug life. The material used to create it can be rough to offer you usability for years. However, soft and weak fabrics can deteriorate quite easily. Polyester is a great example when it comes to robust fabric. 

Polyester is completely non-absorbing in character and withstands the sun’s damaging UV rays. This makes your rugs long-lasting even when they are exposed to the sun. In contrast, the woollen rugs may seem to be quite luxurious, but they can fade their colour when kept in hard sunlight.

Pets and kids

Another important factor affecting the rugs’ lifespan is pets and kids in your house. With pets and children, you can easily get stains on the rugs. Additionally, the claws and the paws on the rug will also deteriorate the rug fabric. In such cases, you should choose an easy-to-wash and stain-resistant rug. By choosing these rugs, you can easily increase the lifespan of the rug. 

When buying rugs with furry buddies in your home, you must avoid buying rugs with thick piles of fabrics. Buy as many as thin rugs to protect it from pets. Similarly, when you own pets in your house, you need to take extra consideration of your carpets. You must vacuum them regularly and pull out the dirt along with the pet hair.

When do you actually require a new rug?

Replacing a rug in the home actually depends on your personal criteria. For instance, some individuals would want to replace their carpet as soon as it develops a minor stain or begins to appear a little older. Others will get satisfied with owning a rug that has existed in their home for a more prolonged time.

It is usually worthwhile to clean a rug before deciding to purchase a new one to see if one can bring it back to its original splendour. You may also consider having your rug done professionally, which can significantly improve the appearance of harder stains or grime. Washing your rug is helpful both for your money and the environment.


With this article, you may have been clear about the fact that the lifespan of rugs depends on the above-discussed factors. The more you focus on these factors, the better longevity you can expect from your rug.